Act I

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a distant realm, of which we only hear in fairytales, a lovely Princess grew up happily. She had an angelic face, blue eyes and long black hair. With skin soft as silk, and as white as snow, she was named Snow White. Far and wide it was told how beautiful the princess was.... Snow White unfortunately had a very pretty, but cruel stepmother queen, who was very jealous of her. The stepmother would daily ask a magic mirror: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" And yet she always got the same response: "You, my Queen, are the fairest of all." One day, however, it answered differently: "You, my Queen, are fair; it is true. But Snow White is even fairer than you".

Act II

The Queen flew into a jealous rage, and on the advice of her most faithful counsellor, she ordered her huntsmen to take Snow White into the woods to be killed. Poor huntsmen took Snow White into the forest, but found themselves unable to kill the girl. Instead, they left the Princess alone in a dark, scary forest... Snow White was frantic with fear...


Poor scared girl snuggled into a soft moss, where she eventually fell asleep... When the first rays of sunlight began to wake up the forest, along with the singing of the birds also Snow White woke up. She was pleased that instead of the haunted woods she could see a meadow full of flowers around her. The night fears were gone and she didn't feel scared anymore. The animals showed her a path, which she followed, until she walked into a clearing. There was a strange cottage with tiny doors, windows and chimney.

Act IV

The Princess walked into the cottage, and thought to herself: Who probably lives here? Who sleeps in the seven small beds? It will definitely be some little urchins to have such a mess in here. I need to tidy this place up a bit, she said to herself, and began to work.

Act V

When the Dwarfs came into the house, they were amazed. Everything was crystal clean and from the pot on the stove they could smell freshly cooked soup. In one of the beds they saw the sleeping girl. The dwarves picked up the courage and asked who she was and how she got here. Snow White told them the whole story about the stepmother, the guards and the deep forest. Tears ran down the dwarfs' faces... But then one of them wiped his tears and said: "Stay here with us!" "HURRAH, HURRAH!" Rejoiced the others. Don't worry about what the stepmother has done. "You can stay in our cottage. We can be your new friends!"

Act VI

The days passed by and the girl still lived in a tiny cottage with her friends. She kept the house tidy and dreamed of her prince. Every morning the dwarfs were leaving for work and always again and again reminded the Snow White to never, under any circumstances, open the door to anyone. The cruel stepmother has lived comfortably at the castle, convinced that the Princess was dead and that she is again the fairest of them all. One day the mirror replied: "You, my Queen, are fair; it is true. But Snow White, beyond the mountains, with the seven dwarfs, is still a thousand times fairer that you!"

"She must die!" "SNOW WHITE MUST DIE!" screamed the stepmother and started preparing a vicious plan.


The stepmother disguised herself as an old peddler and into a basket of apples she added a poisoned one. Then she took the shortest way to the forest. She has crossed the swamp on a boat and unnoticed she came right to the cottage.


Snow White was, as each morning, in the cottage alone. She started cleaning the house, when suddenly she heard a knock at the door:

"Who's there?" She asked suspiciously, remembering what the dwarfs had been telling her.
I am a poor old woman and I have beautiful and juicy apples for sale.
"But I'm not allowed to open to anyone," said the girl.
"The way it should be, you're a really good girl. I will give you one as a gift."

Snow White slowly opened the door.

"Look how beautiful it is," lured her the disguised stepmother. The Princess nodded and had a bite of the apple. At that moment she fell down poisoned.

Act IX

The dwarfs brought the prince to Snow White and told him the whole sad story. The prince promised them to get the best doctors if they allow him to take the Princess to his castle.

"She is so beautiful, I would love to kiss her" said the prince and bowed to kiss Snow White. What a surprise it was when she opened her eyes and came back to life!

Act X

The prince asked Snow White if she would marry him. The princess caressed his cheek and with great joy she said yes. She thanked the dwarfs and left with her saviour to his Kingdom, where they had a fairytale wedding.

Act XI

From that day on, Snow White lived in a castle alongside her dreamed prince.

But sometimes she still missed the small cottage in the deep forest and her seven small friends.